Initially I was excited to see the review of Edmund White’s Marcel Proust (“Remembrance of Things Proust,” 3/12). I started reading the review of the book, and I was truly impressed by the early setup of the review.

Suddenly I hit upon the word “niggardly.” While I do understand the context in which it is being used, was it necessary? As a black American, the word still rings in my ear a little close to the term “nigger.”

With the recent debate in this area over the use of this word, I do not understand Scott Morris’ decision to use this word. Perhaps you could ask him. I do not consider myself oversensitive, but I do consider the feelings of others when choosing my words, whether verbal or in print.

I will admit I did not finish the article from the point that the word was used. I am sure it was very good, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I will instead read the book, and hopefully enjoy the pleasure of reading the work of such a gifted writer as Edmund White.

Dupont Circle

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