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It’s not a huge issue—-and I’m sure you could file this under To Each His/Her Own—but I read a blurb previewing last week’s Sebadoh show (City Lights, 3/19) wherein the writer dismisses Jason Loewenstein as a “second-string” songwriter under Lou Barlow.

I would like to respectfully beg to differ. My contrary assertion is that many of his songs merit being considered the band’s most powerful and sophisticated. I think this is most obvious on Bakesale, but evident pretty much throughout his tenure writing songs under the Sebadoh umbrella.

Yes, I do realize that the world has much bigger problems than whether two people agree about Jason’s songs, but for some reason I just saw the article and kinda snapped. I feel the rock press lets Lou Barlow get away with a lot and poor Jason labors away, regularly spitting musical fire without any signs that he will ever get his due. I know Lou’s persona is sexier and all, but come on….Listen to the records, not the publicists. The evidence is there.

Arlington, Va.

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