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I enjoyed Mark Benjamin’s article “Lovers’ Fast Lane” (2/26). Getting married fits neatly with obtaining a driver’s license and registering a motor vehicle in Virginia. Virginia is the only state in which I have lived where the Department of Motor Vehicles will issue a new resident a license without requiring the driver to pass at least a written exam to demonstrate awareness of state motor vehicle and road regulations. Simply hand in your valid license from your previous state, fill out a short form, pay a fee, and a three-year Virginia license is yours.

Even more amazing, although Virginia is a “mandatory auto insurance” state, it is not necessary to provide evidence of insurance or even post a bond to register your car or truck. On the vehicle registration form, simply check the box indicating you have purchased an auto insurance policy. Virginia takes your word! After you pay a fee and the vehicle passes inspection, voilà, your transportation is registered in Virginia. The clerk will not even want to look at your auto insurance cards or a copy of the policy! I know; I tried. What could possibly be next—draft dodgers who are handed veterans’ benefits?

Arlington, Va.

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