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I don’t know how much of the holy wine Cynthia Mauris has been quaffing, but it is absolutely nauseating to read about how she is screwing with the lives of young men and their mentor due to some personal low-fat uncooked beef she has in the skillet for Tom Walsh. Knowing both sides have a story, I had to read “Fallen Catholics” (Cheap Seats, 3/26) twice to make sure that I wasn’t overlooking something and being completely one-sided in my distaste for Mauris’ campus politics.

From what Dave McKenna wrote, the only thing I could discern is that the Catholic rugby team is currently being treated worse than Mexican outlaws at a “Remember the Alamo” convention. And for what? Give the kids a chance. If Mauris continues with this ill treatment of the rugby team, her own worst nightmare could become reality: Tom Walsh being named the patron saint of rugby! Go CU rugby! Don’t give up!

Columbia Heights

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