Regarding your article on the Florence Crittenton Services of Greater Washington (“Wayward Past,” 3/19), I would like to point out that dozens of Florence Crittenton agencies around the country have been engaged for more than 100 years in providing critical services for pregnant teenagers and parenting help for teen mothers. The services and programs have had concrete, positive results for countless teens and young women who need support and assistance, often helping to break the cycle of poverty and welfare dependence.

Florence Crittenton Services of Greater Washington is a community-based organization with the goals of preventing teen pregnancy and providing support for teens who do find themselves pregnant and in need of parenting help. The help that they receive includes information on human sexuality, support with decision making, counseling, and case-management services. For pregnant teens, there is an effort to ensure that they remain in school and acquire the skills needed to care for themselves and their children.

The Florence Crittenton Services of Greater Washington continues to have successes, and it is deserving of support from the community, especially those who wish to make a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable and at-risk teenagers.

Director, Florence Crittenton Division

Child Welfare League of America