Congratulations to Eddie Dean for his outstanding piece on the U.S. Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home (“The Coldest War,” 4/2). As a former enlisted man (Vietnam era), I am painfully aware that those in the noncommissioned ranks (i.e., those who do the actual work and fighting, take the most casualties, and get the least respect) are usually the first to be forgotten. The commissioned ranks have always found a way to take care of their own, but generally the E-ranks have been left to fend for themselves. Thus, the concept of the home for enlisted men and women only is a comforting one.

Catholic University deserves nothing but shame and condemnation for its sneaky and underhanded attempt to grab the Soldiers’ Home real estate. I expect that kind of brazen, despicable behavior from a bloated development mogul like Donald Trump but not from an institution that supposedly dwells on moral issues. Perhaps the next time one of its faculty is giving a lecture on ethics and unjust behavior he or she can cite the university’s own behavior as a case study in what not to do.

Arlington, Va.