I don’t know if it’s proper of me to thank you for the write-up you did about the Rosebud festival (“Ma Vie en Rosebud,” 3/12) and my film, Knuckleface Jones, in particular, but I’m going to anyway.

Rosebud was the first festival to screen my film; I just completed it a few months ago. Even though the festival touted itself as being “for the filmmakers,” I met no one and received little feedback or comment from anyone. Needless to say, the festival was about as fun as a forced bowel movement.

But I was incredibly thrilled to read the words—no, poetry—you printed about my film. For a person like myself, whose self-esteem was erased in elementary school, your review means a lot. Unfortunately, I was not one of the 10 award winners from the festival, but your review definitely tells me there’s an understanding audience out there somewhere.

Thanks and all that.


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