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These days, it’s probably a good idea to be as prepared as possible for the future. But there’s an easy way to predict if you’ll make it through all the Y2K panic: According to Potomac, Md., handwriting analyst Liz Gerstein, it’s all right there in the palm of your hand. Covering everything from tented arches to spatulate fingertips, her book, Handwriting & Palmistry: Discover Personality and Potential from Handwriting and Hands, explains how the lines you create and the lines on your hand can reveal secrets of your personality, as well as predict your future. And considering our impending millennial doom, it’s probably a good idea to know just how long your life line is—not to mention how you might handle impending doom. Learn the ancient sciences of graphology and palmistry when Gerstein speaks at 7 p.m. at Strathmore Hall Arts Center, 10701 Rockville Pike, Rockville. Free. (301) 530-0540. (Tina Plottel)