Trevor hollAnd tracked and mixed Aden’s Black Cow in his new digital studio near Logan Circle, where he’s been scheming like a mad scientist: hollAnd has also recorded South Carolinian Danielle Howle’s new album as well as a Teenbeat 7-inch by locals Hot Pursuit. He’s also awaiting the release of a full-length disc by Commercial, his collaboration with Philadelphian Sean O’Neal of Flowchart for San Francisco’s Darla Records. hollAnd, continuing a collaboration with New York artist and photographer Mark Borthwick that produced last year’s Synthetic Voices album, is currently working on an audio-visual installation piece for a modern art museum in Vienna, Austria, that will eventually show in New York. Oh, and then there’s hollAnd, his real one-man avant-garde pop group, which issues a CD single, “Kiss the Phone,” sometime this month.—John Dugan