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Deidre Pascall and K.R.U. call their sound “new soul bop,” and on their debut Good Vibes Records EP Detour, that sound translates largely into a distaff take on Prince’s late-’80s pop-R&B fusion, although there’s also a cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” However, in live shows, the group has been known to mix in jazz-fusion violin solos and to cover material such as Edgar Winter’s ’70s instrumental rock hit “Frankenstein.” Why the difference in approach? Keyboardist and vocalist Pascall says the EP was recorded a year and a half ago, before her current unit was put together, and that “the live thing will be represented more on the album,” due out in the fall. Pascall, a London-born Grenadian with eclectic tastes, came to Washington to attend Howard University. Growing up in England, she learned Caribbean music from her father, who is a promoter, DJ, and performer, and studied classical music at the Royal College of Music, where she combined her musical interests as a member of the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra. After a stint here playing piano and cello with the all-female string trio Hue, Pascall joined bassist Michael McGuire to put together the K.R.U. with percussionist Jan Cherry, daughter of Don Cherry and sister of Eagle-Eye and Neneh. Currently playing with her band monthly at the BET on Jazz restaurant downtown, Pascall says she has two current goals: to tour the U.K. and Europe, and to do her “piano recital in the fall to graduate [from Howard].” (SK)