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When micro-broadcasting advocates gathered here in October for a weekend of protests and airwave piracy, their message was broadcast to a seemingly sympathetic receiver—FCC Chairman William Kennard, who says he’s all for establishing a new class of community-based low-power FM radio stations. The folks behind the illegal Radio Free Mount Pleasant protest broadcasts have remade themselves as the Mount Pleasant Broadcasting Club and now aim to go legit. With the FCC rule-making process under way, local radio activists Amanda Huron and Natalie Avery say now is the time to start making some noise, and they’ve recruited newly reunited grrrl-rocker legends Bratmobile (pictured) to preach and screech on their behalf. In the years between the Olympia, Wash., band’s untimely demise and its present resurrection, Bratmobile frontwoman Allison Wolfe has been doing time as a D.C. transplant, honing her spectacularly spastic stage presence with the Cold Cold Hearts and Deep Lust. Her lovable pay-attention-to-me persona and full-force flair make her a perfect spokesperson for the small-scale communications revolution. After all, if there were a place for Bratmobile’s brand of spirited and markedly bitchy femi-punk politics on commercial radio, opening up the airwaves probably wouldn’t even be an issue. With the Make-Up and the Savage Boys and Girls Club at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 24, at La Peþ2a, 15th & Irving Sts. NW. $6 (proceeds benefit the Mount Pleasant Broadcasting Club). (202) 986-4953. (Colin Bane)