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In the past week, I have spent over 13 hours scraping off “inoffensive” vandalism—just in our immediate neighborhood. So I read with interest Colin Bane’s article (“Inoffensive Alliance,” 4/23) about the vandals who trashed our city and caused residents like me so much arduous labor cleaning up our city. What next from the City Paper—inoffensive muggers who mug victims only on the sidewalk, not on private property? District law requires a $35 fine for each violation and additional fines up to $1,000 for each violation if the vandals do not clean up their vandalism. Where is the District government? Please withhold my name. Over the years, I have had no threats for cleaning 1,000 acts of graffiti vandalism. That continues to surprise me. But cleaning the vandalism of illegally posted/pasted notices in public space has resulted in many angry and varied threats to harm me, mutilate me, and kill me. People take very seriously their rights to: free advertising, trashing our city, and ignoring District laws. Ain’t it a wonder that in our nation’s capital, it is dangerous for residents to clean up their neighborhoods….

Dupont Circle