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Thank you so much for the wonderful article “Wayward Past” (3/19) by Susan Gervasi, about the Florence Crittenton Home, which existed in D.C. until 1982. This article was long overdue and touched the hearts of many ex-residents of similar fortresses around the country who have been reunited, and of others who read it shuddering because they are still afraid to share their stories or to search. The realities in the article brought memories to many and, let us hope, conveyed that the past is gone and it is all right to face the reality of what happened, and even to reunite with the adult whom you surrendered as a child. Laws, too, need to be changed to keep up with the times and the reality of reunion and what is “best for the child”—the adopted person who was a child and now has grown up to find that it is best to know his or her heritage. Concerned United Birthparents is a local, not-for-profit support group for members of the adoption triad: adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents. The group has been in existence for almost 20 years and is a chapter of a national group in existence since 1976. It is made up of birth parents who have waited for years with their secret, who look to each other for the power to move forward and “come out” and possibly search. The adoptees in the group benefit from hearing birth mothers in preparation for finding their own. Although years later it is “hard to understand the stigma,” this article touched on many realities and touched the hearts of many of our members and, let us hope, the hearts of many birth mothers who are still in hiding, to open their eyes. The relief after realizing that these are different times is enormous. We meet once a month. Those who come cannot get over how they feel just to be in a room with someone who has had a similar experience. Our ad has been a tiny one in your paper on and off for a few years, but if anyone needs it please call (202) 298-1011, or e-mail dcmetcub@aol.com and we will be pleased to help you. Thank you again for acknowledging the existence of the situation.

Branch Coordinator

Concerned United Birthparents