Prayer Warriors, a book chronicling Stuart Howell Miller’s experience coming out to his parents, is a silly little diary littered with useless details. But I read it from cover to cover like a kid in a porno store. Because as little respect as I have for Miller’s writing, I cannot fathom how he sat in the Tennessee living room of his icy born-again Christian father and told him he was a fag. Soon after, Miller high-tailed it home to California, only to open his mailbox and find that his parents had organized a letter-writing campaign in the interest of his salvation. For the last six years, dozens of “prayer warriors”—relatives, former friends, and near strangers—have sent Miller threatening rants intended to bring him to his senses. (Strangely, after all their efforts, he’s still queer.) Come hear his story and call bullshit when he says his book isn’t about revenge at 7 p.m. at Lambda Rising, 1625 Connecticut Ave. NW. Free. (202) 462-6969. (Amanda Ripley)