From Adam Meuse’s video installation Revolutions to Honor Robie’s theatrical photographic series The Rise and Fall of a Strawberry Queen, the pieces in “Residue,” Washington Project for the ArtsCorcoran’s current projectspace exhibit, demonstrate that regional contemporary artists of all ages are incorporating performatory elements into their work. Tonight, “Residue” will turn projectspace into a cabaret in which artists can perform in real time. David Page will hang in Leonardo’s Folly, his customized flying suit, Dawn Kasper will wiggle her head until the audience is either nausated or giggling, and Blelvis will perform in his own legendary fashion. Other performers include Esmerelda and Her Dancing Boys, James Brown and Dan Haggerty’s Upsidedown Midget Cabaret, and Elia Arce. Performance is ephemeral by nature; art is documentary. But there’s one approach to tonight’s experience that isn’t debatable: “Be there or be square.” At 8 p.m. at Washington Project for the ArtsCorcoran projectspace, 625 E St. NW. $4. (202) 639-1828. (John Dugan)