Over the past couple of weeks, hundreds of D.C. women have received and then forwarded an e-mail confirming their worst fears about Type A geeks roaming the D.C. singles scene. The snippy message is purportedly a rebuke written by one “Bryan Winter,” telling a woman he met at a dance club he’s too busy for electronic chitchat: “I am at a stage in my life where I’m looking seriously and systematically for someone I can share my life with….I don’t have time for twenty questions by e-mail.” The woman supposedly started the forwarding campaign as a revenge strategy. It’s a clever little late-’90s anecdote—unless you’re named Bryan Winter. Turns out there are one Bryan and one Brian Winter in D.C., both of whom say they had nothing to do with the e-mail. One now tells callers who reach his answering machine: “Hello, this is Bryan Winter….I only dance in my kitchen, and I don’t even have an e-mail address. But if you’d still like to leave a message for me or my wife, Deborah, please do so at the tone.”