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I am a native Washingtonian and proud of it. I read your article on Stephanie (“Deconstructing Stephanie,” 4/30) about halfway through and then decided that if I did not want to be sick after lunch I should stop reading. I have a problem with some of our new residents—namely, our new white residents. I live in a very nice area of the city (about five minutes from the Carter Barron Amphitheater), and I have to laugh every time I see a new face that doesn’t look like mine moving into the neighborhood. They move on the block, and all of a sudden you would think they had been there for 20 years raising their families and getting to know the neighborhood. They hardly ever seem to speak to any of us, and the only time that they participate in anything for the neighborhood is when it has to do with crime prevention. With the exception of talking to the other white neighbors about how to improve the neighborhood, you would think that the rest of us hard-working, been-living-on-the-block-for-10-years black folks did not exist at all. They come into the District and act as if they own the place. NEWS FLASH: Georgetown was black and bursting with the sounds of African-American culture and pride until they came in and wiped us out.

Think about it. I know I do every time I see one of them smiling that closed-lipped smile at me and wondering to themselves, I wonder how much she would like to sell for. Boy, my friend Jack sure would love that house.

The other statement that puzzled me was one of the article’s interviewees, by the name of Suderow. He stated that he thinks that a lot of white people have resentment toward blacks in the District. I was wondering what he based that opinion on.

I also laugh when I think about the fact that they want to place Stephanie behind bars, but see no correlation between what she does and what lobbyists and the money-hungry, lying fundraisers do. The only difference is they are in three-piece suits speaking what could be considered proper English and toting a degree and she and those like her are not.

Think about it. I sure would like to sit down with one of the new residents of this great city and get a feel for exactly what brought them back.

16th Street Heights

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