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Thank you for a very insightful look at the politics and influence behind the Sports Commission (“Squeeze Play,” 5/14). As a D.C. United season-ticket-holder, I’ve been continually frustrated by RFK Stadium’s lack of commitment to the organization that’s provided its only significant revenue stream since the Redskins left for Loserville. We’ve had a series of broken promises, from increased parking and security presence to an improved scoreboard and PA system. I am strongly in favor of keeping D.C. United in the District, or at least Metrorail-accessible, but I don’t think the District government or the Sports Commission has anywhere near the appreciation for the team and organization that they both should.

The team’s name isn’t D.C. United for no reason—where else can this polyglot city come together? Certainly not at the overhyped (but very well located) MCI Center, and surely not at some pie-in-the-sky dream baseball park.

I eagerly anticipate the day when a local investor sees the incredible current and potential value of D.C. United, purchases the (currently for sale) club, and builds it a soccer-only stadium like the one debuting this weekend in Columbus, Ohio.

D.C. United—D.C.’s only championship professional sports club!

Arlington, Va.

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