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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That was an awesome article on the rave scene (Paper Trail, “Raving Mad,” 5/14). This had to be my favorite part: “‘At a rave I attended, I was offered six different illegal substances,’” Leamy intoned in her voice-over. To judge from her on-air demeanor, patrons of Buzz probably thought she was a lost, hyperventilating alien who needed a little something to chill out. But Leamy wasn’t buying—her drug of choice was ratings, this being the first week of May and all.”

I was literally in tears from laughing so hard! Thank you for portraying our scene in a fair manner. You mentioned the drugs (which we don’t deny exist), but you overrode that point with the one about the community, and for that I cannot thank you enough. You have truly done our scene a service, and on behalf of the D.C.-Baltimore Rave scene, we thank you!

I personally wrote a letter to Washington City Paper a few months ago, regarding Holly Bass’ article (“Home of the Rave,” 2/12), and I denounced the City Paper for allowing a biased report to be published. You have personally restored my faith in the editors of your paper. Maybe Ms. Bass could learn a thing or two from you on how there are two sides to every story. You truly are a raver at heart, and you have earned my respect, as well as the respect of many other ravers. You should be proud. Again, thank you for this wonderful article. PLUR.

Reston, Va.

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