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Jennifer White (The Mail, 5/14) would do well to stop whining long enough to take a good look in the mirror. She may be too blinded by her own prejudice to see the biblical beam in her eye, but perhaps she will discern the milk of human kindness curdling as it oozes from her downturned mouth. I, too, live in a mixed community; and I, too, immediately volunteered to improve my environment, filling in many of the blanks that were ignored by—or beneath—the “native Washingtonian[s].” Ms. White suggests that the Georgetown community (“black and bursting with the sounds of African-American culture and pride”) was wiped out. I suggest that it sold out. Or were there boxcars full of victims being transported on moonless nights, without coverage by the white-male-dominated media? Get a grip, Jennifer. Then complete your education so that you can speak with American pride what educated citizens of all hues consider “proper English.”

But first, take a dose of your own medicine and welcome your new neighbors. It behooves you, as the old-timer, to extend the hand of hospitality. How long has it been since you hosted an event that included people with faces that don’t look like yours? (Surely you know that when you point an accusing finger at your brother, there are three pointing back at you.) When and if you actually offer such a welcome, dare I suggest that you let the Holy Spirit guide you in your dialogue?

Foggy Bottom

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