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For the second week in a row, Washington City Paper has run a racist letter from a black person complaining about whites who have the gall to actually desire to live in Washington, D.C. (The Mail, 5/14). In her letter, Jennifer White accuses white people who buy homes in her neighborhood, 16th Street Heights, of wanting to drive out their black neighbors. Ms. White offers no proof of this, other than her own blatant prejudice and dismay over her new neighbors’ “close-lipped smile[s].” Most people see integrated neighborhoods, especially in D.C., as a sign of racial progress; those who don’t fall into a category all their own: racists.

I have news for you, Ms. White: after eight years of apartment living, I’m looking to buy a house, and guess what? That’s right, I’m checking out 16th Street Heights. One day in the near future, you might find me moving in next door, and if you don’t like it, you can go kiss my pale white ass.

North Cleveland Park

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