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This is an open invitation to Jennifer White (The Mail, 5/14) to come by and discuss her sad racial invective and allow me to explain why my family moved to Washington. Also, please save me from yet another indefensible position defended by the phrase “I’m a native Washingtonian…New Yorker…bigot…[fill in the blank]…” I live in a very nice area of the city (Capitol Hill), and my family has chosen to live there to have neighbors like Ms. White, black neighbors, white neighbors, Asian neighbors…everything that Vienna or Bethesda is not.

NEWS FLASH: As a law enforcement officer, I read what Stephanie did as fraud, and jail is where she belongs. Worse yet, it has kicked the legs out from under the trust and good will that were building in our neighborhood.

SECOND NEWS FLASH: Georgetown was a product of rising real estate values and of those “native Washingtonians” willing to cash in on that rise. I could not afford to repurchase the house I sold in New York 15 years ago. Following Ms. White’s logic, I guess the sounds of middle-class white culture and pride were “wiped out” in that neighborhood. Give me a break!

Ms. White, come around some day. I’ll be out front tending my garden, and I’ll smile and talk to you, as I do all my neighbors that will reciprocate. I won’t think that my friend “Jack” might be interested in your house. Jack lives in Herndon and thinks I’m a fool for living in the District. Come around, Ms. White, and tell me, am I a fool?

Capitol Hill

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