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Metropolitan Police Department Chief Charles Ramsey spent the first 48 years of his life in Chicago and never got called for jury duty. But after just over a year in the District, Ramsey’s number came up this week. Dressed in a civilian suit and tie and carrying some official police reading, Ramsey patiently sat through the day in D.C. Superior Court on May 24. In the morning, he went through the jury- selection process for a personal-injury case but, alas, was not called to serve. Later that afternoon, while waiting in the court’s holding tank for jurors, Ramsey chatted amiably with his fellow citizens—only a few of whom recognized his face. “I have no problem serving,” he said of his day in court. “I’ll just let nature take its course.” In the end, Juror 9998999 never got the chance to pass judgment, but Ramsey may have gotten something else out of the experience. “Hey, maybe I’ll play that number,” he mused, looking down at his juror tag. “Of course, I’m not a gambling man.”