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I find Monica Jones’ letter (The Mail, 5/7) regarding the “Deconstructing Stephanie” article (4/30) “too bizarre to [let] roll by without comment.” Most people—white, black, and all the colors between the two in the spectrum of humanity—are “kind, loving, ‘do-gooders’” and will help out others who are down on their luck and, perhaps in some cases, not as fortunate as themselves. Not out of guilt, but out of sincere concern for their fellow man (woman, in this case).

Ms. Jones portrays the community as a de facto lynch mob in trying to stop “Stephanie” from obtaining “assistance” under false pretenses from other “kind, loving, ‘do-gooders’,” and poses the questions “[W]hy the need for such vengeance?” and “How did these kind, loving individuals turn into a craven-hearted lynch mob?” Here’s a free tip from the world of reality: When they were taken advantage of while trying to help out someone who they felt was deserving of their help! People such as Stephanie tend to harden the hearts of the aforementioned do-gooders, so when someone who sincerely needs help in the future comes to their doors they’ll likely turn the person away. Does the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” mean anything to you?

At the end of Jones’ letter we end up in Africa with white slave traders (completely ignoring the historical fact that numerous black, brown, yellow, and red slave traders existed and continue to exist in some countries to this day) and the accusation of Mr. Dreher (a police captain) of being like the men who sailed the slave ships. Please explain to me how a person simply trying to organize the community to stop someone from obtaining money under false pretenses can be compared to a slave ship captain. What planet does Jones live on? Planet Illogica? Or might it be the case that she sees every slight, injustice, and inconvenience through race-tinted lenses? A thief is a thief regardless of skin color, in this case the “theft” being the Capitol Hill community’s faith in fellow man being stolen by Stephanie.

If we get to the point as a society where theft is to be tolerated and allowed because of skin color and out of some fear of the accuser’s being considered racist, it’s a sad, sad day. There are two types of people in this world: good people and bad people. The particular hue of their wrapping should be of no concern.

Manassas, Va.