Arlington is so cool now, it even has a Xando. So it’s only fitting that the city also boasts the latest in original experimental theater. Get Over Yourself!, a do-it-yourself fantasia of fun and farce, is for those who wanted to relate to Waiting for Guffman but couldn’t. The actors are more wackily interesting than Christopher Guest’s cast—David Curtis is a DJ at Club Asylum, and Yashica Turner, according to the play’s press release “works for the government and is appropriately sexy”—and the Gibbons Theatre Troupe is unabashed about presenting low-budget Mel Brooks-style parody in an informal atmosphere: As the play’s hapless yet lucid protagonist, Nigel (played by Richard Renfield), basks in the spotlight of someone’s dorm-room halogen lamp, the mysteries of life are examined with an appropriately kitschy feel. Playwright Rufus Flypaper, who also plays Jesus in the production, writes in the program notes, “I’d love to say we did this as an experiment in some sort of hi-faulting [sic] drama theory but frankly we did it to have fun.” Well, I sure as hell did, too. In fact, I laughed my ass off. Like a cheap shot, G.O.Y.! goes down better the second time around; and 40 fun but mediocre minutes later, you’re just as drunk as you would be if you had shelled out $40 for a bottle of Moet. At least you can sober up afterwards at Xando. At 7 and 8 p.m. Friday, May 28, to Sunday, May 30, at the Little Cafe and Bakery, 2039 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. $6 and a can of nonperishable food (to be donated to Bread for the City) or $8. (703) 812-5155. (Amanda Fazzone)