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Mystery buffs who caught AFI’s presentation of Martin Beck movies last year may want to check out Winter Bay for a different perspective on actor Peter Haber (who played Beck) and director Harald Hamrell (who directed two of the Beck flicks). In this Hamrell-helmed film, an alienated African-Swede teenager (David Tainton) spends a sunny Stockholm summer hating his stepfather, wishing he could be reunited with his father, and being led into crime by a friend. While falling in love with a young woman, he discovers that her father (played by Haber) has a tempting stash of valuable paintings that he’s hidden from the tax authorities. This drama, part of AFI’s ongoing European Union Showcase, screens tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Kennedy Center’s American Film Institute National Film Theater. $6.50. (202) 785-4600. (Mark Jenkins)