After reading Laura Lang’s article about Councilman David Catania (“Bloody Right,” 5/21), I realize that the only “crime” Catania has committed is to shake up the moribund District bureaucracy and cut the taxes of the most heavily taxed people in America.

Focusing on Catania’s combative style and tactics misses the forest for the trees. Like him or not, Catania is changing the District for the better, to the point where it is now really between him and Mayor Williams to see who can reform quicker and more extensively.

My bet is on Catania. In 18 months, he has managed to do what none of the District’s populist utopians have even attempted in a quarter century: He has cut taxes by $288 million per year over the next five years, spreading the benefits among all taxpayers. Those Washingtonians in the lowest income bracket will see their taxes cut by one-third; taxes on those in the top income bracket will drop from 9.5 percent to 8.5 percent. Property taxes will be cut, too. Short of Catania’s original 30 percent across-the-board cut proposal, but major progress nonetheless.

The District has not seen a tax cut like this before, and Catania is to be applauded for his courage and leadership. The taxpayers of the District will be the winners.


Americans for Tax Reform