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“Stabbings and murders are fairly routine events in parts of the D.C. club scene. But Creek hadn’t been mixing it up at the old Ibex or D.C. Live.” Can someone get Stephanie Mencimer (“Bench-Clearing Brawl,” 5/28) a job with Fox 5? From her Ibex articles way back when to her article this week, Mencimer takes a real problem—black-on-black violence—and simplistically responds to it with unsubstantiated attacks on the “club scene” and go-go music. Maybe Mencimer should have used a different simplistic analogy, like “But Creek hadn’t been mixing it up at a mostly white suburban high school populated by gun-carrying kids in trench coats.” Ugh. Last I heard, lots of folks have been getting murdered in D.C., and they weren’t all at clubs or go-go shows.

Alexandria, Va.

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