I blame my disdain for formal wine tastings on former Washington Bullets forward Bernard King: A friend and I had just graduated from East Coast colleges and decided we needed a little West Coast fun. So we headed for Northern California, and on our first day, we decided to tour the Beringer Vineyard in Napa Valley. There I was, not three steps into the lush environs, when a very polite but adamant tour guide informed me that I could not enter the estates in a tank top—not even a Washington Bullets Bernard King tank top! I was embarrassed; my friend was pissed. And little did we know that the next day I would be booted out of the historic Pebble Beach golf course for the same reason. Well, I still love golf, and I still love wine, but if I see King at the Tasting Society International’s Wine Basics 101, so help me God… At 7 p.m. at the Radisson Barcelo Hotel, 2121 P St. NW. $35. For reservations call (202) 333-5588. (Sean Daly)