Another signpost on the long march to equality: Two weeks ago, Dana Kressierer—coordinator of the public service group/matchmaker service Single Volunteers of D.C.—sent an e-mail to “answer some questions” her group’s 6,000 predominantly heterosexual members had raised about an upcoming volunteer event at the Capital Pride Parade and Festival. “Will there be any straight people there? YES!” Kressierer began. “Will I be hit on by gay people? Hopefully (but probably not)….I say ‘hopefully’ you will be hit on because it is always flattering.” At Sunday’s festival, 200 Single Volunteers showed up to help slog beer, work crowd control, and hand out programs. “We had about a dozen people sign off our list,” Kressierer explained. Single Volunteers like Arlington resident Jenny Matheson happily contributed time while watching the many shirtless men on parade. And did she meet that special someone? “I don’t think I was hit on, but I had lots of fun chats,” answers Matheson.