The colorful flags hanging from Connecticut Avenue streetlights to mark the upcoming Women’s World Cup are yet another sign that soccer is huge in D.C. Read a little closer, though, and it turns out the premier women’s soccer tournament won’t visit us after all. Even though RFK Stadium is home to D.C. United and has hosted both Olympic and World Cup games, the Women’s World Cup will play at Jack Kent Cooke Stadium in Raljon, Md. The D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission, the baseball-obsessed agency that manages RFK, lost a bid for the soccer finals and protested by refusing to host any of the other 15 qualifying games. Marketing Director Neville Waters says the commission didn’t think enough people would attend first-round matches. Maybe commission members have been swilling too many beers at Camden Yards: The tournament’s June 19 opener at New Jersey’s Giants Stadium had already sold 65,000 tickets by Tuesday, and Jack Kent Cooke Stadium has sold an average of 20,000 tickets for each of its three games—about 5,000 more than the average D.C. United home game.