Y2K has paranoiacs everywhere contemplating the consequences of our national dependence on computers: power outages, famine, empty bank accounts, and so on. Risk-takers in the District can add another: worthless lottery tickets. While others started addressing Y2K compliance ages ago, the D.C. Lottery & Charitable Games Board has yet to secure the 500-odd online terminals in mom-and-pop stores around the city. According to board Director Tony Cooper, haywire date readings could send the system into panic by early November—when the first tickets redeemable in the new year will be sold. Cooper has been lobbying One Judiciary Square to expedite a 10-year contract that would set the upgrade in motion. Although the control board termed the contract “fair and reasonable,” the mayor’s office has taken four more weeks to decide. “We want to be sure it’s in the best interests of the District,” says spokesperson Peggy Armstrong.