The article “Art-O-Matic for the People” (5/21) suggests that Annie Adjchavanich may have been acting in the role of censor in her questioning of the participation of the Sex Museum in Washington Art-O-Matic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Annie is a staunch defender of the First Amendment and freedom of artistic expression. In her position on the Advisory Board of the Washington Center for Photography (WCP), she has heatedly questioned its recently adopted policy asserting the “right” to censor works submitted to its allegedly “open” show, “Your Shot, Our Show 4.” Annie agrees with us that the policy is a blatant attempt to censor legitimate artistic expression and create a self-censoring atmosphere. We feel this policy is contrary to the mission of the WCP, insulting to its members, and a disgrace to the artist community. Hooray for Annie and shame on the WCP and its shortsighted, reactionary leadership.

Sherri Seymour

Greg Moore

Alexandria, Va.

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