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Lower Georgetown is becoming an Everyman’s Everymall (oh, so you got that silver clock at Pottery Barn—how original) and a redoubt for the terminally important, but if you look really hard, you can still find traces of what made the place inimitable in the days before Sally Queen—oops, I mean, Quinn—and her gang took over. On licensed tour guide Mary Kay Ricks’ Lower Georgetown Tour, you can visit the Old Stone House, built in 1767 and taken over by the National Park Service in 1950; stare at the place John F. Kennedy lived when he was elected president, which was built by William Marbury of Marbury vs. Madison fame; and whistle by the site where Louisa May Alcott ministered to injured soldiers during the Civil War. Finally, you can stop and say hello to those poor mules who maintain the charade of pulling barges up the C&O Canal—and all for only $12! Join Ricks at 10:30 a.m. at the Old Stone House Garden, 3051 M St. NW. $12. For reservations call (301) 588-8999. (Bradford McKee)