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As someone who knows and has had her own personal differences with Ms. Rice, I am still appalled with the truly mean-spirited excuse for journalism displayed toward her in your “Queen of Mean” (6/18) article. What were you thinking in going forth with the publication of an article like that? That everyone is sympathetic to renters and would want to see an attorney on the side of the landlords get bashed? That taking cheap shots at Ms. Rice’s appearance and mannerisms (which are completely irrelevant to her abilities as an attorney) would make your paper more hip, liberal, and left-wing?

In fact, this poor excuse for investigative journalism reinforces everything I disliked about my experience living in D.C. Petty, mean, shallow, sexist creeps abound. You are not liberal and/or enlightened, but pathetic! I had to write in my opinion even though you probably thrive on this type of controversy.

I wonder how physically attractive the so-called author of this garbage is and if he ever stopped to reconsider his slimy behavior? I’m sure that in the time he spent with Ms. Rice he never bothered to tell her the angle he was going to take in reporting this story. And just how would he propose paying off the enormous debt she accrued in order to get a professional degree? Never mind. I don’t want to know what he would suggest. I can only imagine….I have a suggestion to God: Leave the writing to the writers and put the likes of Jason Cherkis on an island and let them have at it. I’m sure there will be no survivors.

Director of Annual Giving

Boalt Hall School of Law

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