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I take some exception to your recent piece titled “Queen of Mean” (6/18). The article seems to imply some sort of responsibility on the part of the landlord to subsidize the hard luck of tenants. Although I feel great sympathy for the woman on dialysis and the stroke victim cited in the story, it is, nonetheless, a superficially manipulative ploy on the part of writer Jason Cherkis to demonize landlords or their legal representatives. I must ask why it is a landlord’s fault that a tenant cannot meet his or her contractual obligation to pay rent. Perhaps Cherkis should ask why the doctors for these folks didn’t tell them, “Gee, I can see my bills are going to be so high that you won’t be able to pay your rent this month. Know what? I’m not gonna charge you.” Or maybe the bigger question is why we don’t have a health-care system that will keep hard choices (medical treatment vs. rent) from being necessary.

Dupont Circle