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I am confused about the Snell story (“Greek Tragedy,” 6/18)! Why would you continue to subject yourself to the “humiliation,” “assaults,” “beatings,” and “hazing” and then only decide to quit when finally your line-brothers suffered “severe” beatings? This is the problem I am having with these perpetual lawsuits against black fraternities. If someone slaps you in the face, you may know, legally, it is not supposed to happen. However, you want to test your “manhood” and see how much you can take. Then you wait until they put permanent scars on you—and that is when you decide to quit, and you and your parents decide to become rich off of these positive, community-service-oriented organizations with esteemed members such as Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Jackson, and Thurgood Marshall, who probably went through similar rites of passage if their intake process was through an undergraduate chapter?

If Snell felt that “hazing” and anyone’s putting their hands on him were wrong, then as soon as he was body-slammed and blindfolded his first night, he should have left the premises and utilized one of two options: (1) Leave quietly, or (2) monetarily exploit a prestigious fraternity.


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