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There’s no denying the conclusion in the article “Requiem for a Middleweight” (Paper Trail, 6/11) that the Washington Post editorial page ruled by the late Meg Greenfield “historically favored those in favor.” A more accurate logo for the Post would be “sucking up to those in favor.” Greenfield merely played the game, following the lead of her boss.

Several years ago, at a reception in D.C. for Princess Diana, two others sat at her table: First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton (appropriate) and Katharine Graham (now the chair of the Post’s executive committee). Some world-class sucking-up there, with bonus points to the Post editor who made sure that the picture was featured. Later, the Clintons vacationed at Graham’s place. How often did Graham have the not-in-favor Nixons over? The hard-charging editorials and reporting on Watergate contrasts sharply with the tepid scolding or defending of the Clintons, Al “No Controlling Legal Authority Forbids It” Gore, and former Mayor Marion Barry. Similarly, a free ride for the inept Mayor Anthony Williams, whose re-election slogan should be “Mistakes were made.”

Mr. President and Mr. Mayor offered Greenfield and Graham social-climbing opportunities that no mere reader’s 25-cent price of a paper could match. Real journalism is shown in how the Washington City Paper’s District Line and Loose Lips currently kick the Post’s ass in holding D.C. mayors accountable. With the heavyweight resources of the Post, Greenfield could have been a contender for editorial greatness instead of what she was—let’s face it.

Silver Spring, Md.