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When Euphone (pictured) and Joan of Arc planned their current tour together, they must have given some serious thought to the types of places they wanted to play. On its most recent record, The Calendar of Unlucky Days, Euphone makes groovy, ambient film music that belongs on the same Chicago soundtrack as Tortoise and the Sea and Cake—and makes you wonder what exactly is being smoked during those long winter months in the way-post-punk Windy City. Plenty of interesting things are happening amidst the breezy, mellow grooves, but such attention-demanding music is out of place in big rock clubs, where the din of clinking glasses and chatty patrons tend to overwhelm musical subtleties. The magnificent musical and lyrical abstraction of Joan of Arc’s studio releases didn’t translate well during the band’s two recent D.C. club dates, and, to judge from the numerous small venues on their tour schedule, both bands seem to be longing for the more intimate subterranean haunts and community spaces that punk and indie rock once called home. They’ve found worthy local conspirators in Scaramouche, a new band fronted by Natalie Avery and Amanda Huron with the same spirit of community boosterism and small-space devotion that has fueled the duo’s other recent projects—including the Stigmatics, Brickthrower, Stand for Our Neighbors, and the Mount Pleasant microbroadcasting effort. Tonight, settle in for an evening of music presented as art—with new photos from Cynthia Connolly and Pat Graham and drawings by Amanda Kleinman and Rich Jacobs on display to emphasize the point—at 8 p.m. Friday, June 25, at La Casa, 3166 Mount Pleasant St. NW. $6. (202) 986-4953. (Colin Bane)