A double CD of go-go and go-go only would be hard to take for all but the most enthusiastic partisans of the rhythm-based style. So go-go vets the Northeast Groovers, on their latest, Northeast Coming!, have interspersed “Your Mutha!” and “Your Fatha!” jokes, obscenity-filled skits, and voice-overs from a “WKPNEG” announcer between songs. These sophomoric bits, though, will also likely only appeal to the band’s most devoted followers.

Whereas the Groovers once emphasized slickly produced tunes with polished horns-and-keyboards funk, here they intermix compositions in that format with numerous cuts stressing today’s more basic drum-machine-and-chanting approach. A sprawling effort recorded in the studio and live at the Icebox, the album gets nostalgic for the D.C. go-go scene of the ’80s on “Streetlife,” and “Ayre Rayde Dedication” (a nod to the ’80s go-go band), stays current with “Booty Call Remix,” and “Pop Dat Ass!,” and offers some slower, quiet-storm-like material as well.—Steve Kiviat

The Northeast Groovers perform every Wednesday at Deno’s, 2335 Bladensburg Rd. NE; (202) 526-8880.