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I read with interest your article “Downtown’s Last Frontier” (6/11), which on paper didn’t read all that badly. However, the differentiation between various proposals commented on was not clear. I want to emphasize that from Save New York Avenue Inc.’s standpoint, it is not a given that the Museum Square Apartments or the House of Ruth need to be abolished to build the intermodal transportation center. There are other ways to do things.

Additional studies could create other alternatives from what has been initially proposed. The choice is whether we go forward with uninformed opinions and just kill the project or develop an informed opinion through study and analysis to determine what can be done.

There are a number of things we don’t know about an intermodal transportation center. We need to answer those questions with as little emotion as possible.

Bottom line of our task force, however, was to find a way to keep trucks and buses out of the neighborhood and accommodate an ever-increasing number of private vehicles that are coming


Save New York Avenue Inc.