My comment is that all fraternities and the military have some level of hazing (“Greek Tragedy,” 6/18). Where are all of the statistics about college life and violence? Where are the long-winded reports about riots and looting at Michigan State and Washington State when alcohol was banned on campus? There were serial killers stalking campuses at the University of Florida years ago, but there was no big exposure to this.

I am a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, and I am damn proud to be a part. Sure, there are issues and growing pains, but I definitely know that the good of the fraternity outweighs any and all of the individual choices that some members make. I have heard more than I want to about people who are woman or man enough to pledge but aren’t smart enough to quit!

I joined the National Guard several years ago, and I went into it with the pride of the nation on my shoulders, but if one drill instructor had gone outside my limitations, I would have quit—not continued and tried to sue later on. All affiliations are choices, and these shock letters will not change the overall good path that these organizations provide. It’s sad that these events happen, but I definitely don’t entertain any ideas of eliminating black organizations. It’s not for everybody; just like brain surgery, I’d want the salary, but it’s not for me, and I can live with that.

This country will continue to attack black organizations and black colleges with no true substitute. Now run a report on all the white fraternity/ sorority incidents. You probably don’t have enough time to read, write, or research it. Besides, most of it never gets reported unless it’s a death.

Austin, Texas

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