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It has become obvious that the evolution of the ideals behind pledging has been engulfed in ignorance (“Greek Tragedy,” 6/18). Just as parents have failed to raise their children as a whole, prophytes have failed to teach new members the significance of pledging and our overall objectives as Greek-letter organizations. To pledge means to make a solemn promise or agreement, which exemplifies a poignant expression of devotion. Many of us who were brought in the old way both liked and disliked parts of the process, but took it upon ourselves to change certain stages when we had the opportunity to be on the other side of the coin. The harsh reality of this is that certain stages provided a level of growth for certain people.

Bottom line: Like guns and violence, pledging isn’t hurting people; it’s the members, out of their own ignorance, who are hurting people; these are the ones who need to be re-educated. The national headquarters can’t stop it; each individual chapter must.

Gulfport, Miss.

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