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This letter is in response to the harsh comments made by Laura Lang in “The Big Choke” (7/2) about our wonderful mayor.

Laura Lang, it seems that you and the rest of D.C. have nothing better to do than criticize a man who has brought this city back to life. It seems that you would rather have a mayor for 20 years who has run the city into the ground instead of a mayor who is full of ideas, gets results, and has given the District millions of dollars in a surplus budget.

Have you people ever thought that the mayor is an ordinary man with an ordinary life, if you would stay out of it? Why does he always have to be at fault? Why can’t he be the person who wanted to do something worthwhile, like get the nation’s capital back on a higher ground? The mayor is first a human being and a man. He has a wife and a daughter, and he has to shit, shower, and shave just like everyone else in this city, so leave him alone.

Why was it not a big deal, since we like big deals, that the councilmembers make almost $100,000 a year (part time) and get to have a full-time job and run for mayor and other Council posts at the same time, when the mayor had to quit his job? Talk about unfair! Forty thousand dollars, so what? If you people think it’s so unfair, pay the money back yourself. Laura Lang and the rest of the councilmembers can come up with that—I mean, you do have two jobs now and had two when the mayor didn’t even have one.

The mayor hasn’t even been in office for one year. Why don’t we try and give him a chance instead of always having negative comments from the peanut gallery? Maybe then he could do his job without any interruptions. I would like to see one person do as much as Tony Williams has for this city in the short period of time that he has been here.

Maybe one day when the people of D.C. grow up and start acting like adults instead of the babies that you are, this city could be great. You have to stop tattle-telling, picking fights, and trying to outdo one another. Maybe then we as a city could have something good. Until then…get a life, and praise our wonderful mayor for his accomplishments instead of always pointing out his faults.

Washington, D.C.