This is a very delayed response, but the issue remains relevant to D.C., as well as our neighbors in the suburbs. Even before reading the article by Stephanie Mencimer on the significant problems with the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission (“Squeeze Play,” 5/14), I had read about, and had firsthand experience with, its arrogance and its failure to represent the interests of D.C.

The problems with the Sports Commission are great and continue. The commission fails to properly maintain RFK Stadium. It mistreats and does not adequately prepare for D.C. United games. It rejected an opportunity for the Women’s World Cup games to play at RFK. It acts in its members’ personal interests, without regard for the best interests of the city, in pushing for a baseball stadium downtown and ignoring the potential of RFK.

What is being done by the mayor and D.C. Council to exercise some control on the runaway Sports Commission? What can be done to ensure that D.C. United stays at RFK and does not go to the suburbs? What can be done to ensure that the downtown location the Sports Commission wants for a baseball stadium is used for better purposes that will be of greater benefit to our city, and that RFK or another, more appropriate location becomes the focus of the selection process for a baseball stadium?

Thank you to the Washington City Paper and Stephanie Mencimer. I sincerely hope that action is taken by the mayor and council to correct the wrongs being inflicted upon D.C. by the Sports Commission.

Chevy Chase

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