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Devoted as the Washington City Paper seems to the employ of trite wordplay (“Boondoggie,” 7/9) and contrived witticisms, it quite surprised me that the cover story was not titled “Boomdoggie.” Every one of your readers would have “gotten it,” and it actually implies the theme of Mencimer’s article.

I must say, a third of a teaspoon of humility, administered twice daily to all City Paper staff, would go a long way towards making the paper a publication of this city, Washington, D.C. I mean, no one expects literature of the paper; and, if I am at all typical of other readers, it’s easy enough to ignore the publication’s often dismissive, condescending tone. What compels some of us to fast-forward to Listings, Matches, and Classifieds is the reflection of this aloof and offhanded attitude in the writing. And here, I’m not talking about boondoggles and wordplay.

Mount Rainier, Md.

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