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Mem Shannon is pissed off. On the New Orleans guitarist’s third effort, Spend Some Time With Me, he eloquently expresses his disgust with senseless violence, the legacy of slavery, and the amount of dues-paying he has to do compared with an axe-wielding 16-year-old hotshot. But this former cabdriver’s emotional range extends beyond anger. His collection of modern blues and funk vignettes includes a paean to his mother, a lover’s ode, and a tale of sadness and betrayal about a friend who changed. None of these stories would be striking without Shannon’s sharply drawn musical arrangements and affecting delivery; like Gil Scott-Heron at his finest, Shannon uses minor chords, clever time changes, and a supportive band’s chops to make his repertoire come alive. At 8:30 p.m. at Lewie’s, 6845 Reed St., Bethesda. $8. (301) 652-1600. (Steve Kiviat)