The World/Inferno Friendship Society, the best 10-piece bunch of musically inclined ne’er-do-wells ever to storm out of Brooklyn, returns to the Velvet Lounge tonight to astound the staid D.C. bar scene with its alt-swing stylings. If the band’s ultra-tight horn-and-rhythm section doesn’t wow the crowd, its choreographed pyrotechnics and well-crafted songs—and the alcohol-fueled rants of its impresario lead singer—surely will. But whatever the evening brings, World/Inferno is sure to mix its stylish punk rock with a vaudevillian twist to serve up one hell of a stage show. Oh, sure, lots of people put on stage shows, but this syndicate of mischief-makers possesses the talent to create atmosphere where lesser bands would create only atmospherics. And be sure to watch your drinks and your virtue—because the World/Inferno Friendship Society is after both. With Spottiswoode and His Enemies and Banana Fish Zero at 10 p.m. at the Velvet Lounge, 915 U St. NW. $5. (202) 462-3213. (Lisa Locker)