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Would a menu built entirely around a mucilaginous, body-snatching alien pod lookalike vegetable bring you running, fork in hand? Today, in celebration of okra’s peak season, Georgia Brown’s Executive Chef Neal Langermann presents a culinary demonstration and tasting featuring the veggie most commonly known as a thickener for gumbo (the dish derives its name from the West African word for okra, ngombo) and introduced to America by African slaves. Like the contestants on Japan’s Iron Chef TV series, Langermann will use one key ingredient, the delightfully singular hibiscus relative, to prepare a complete menu, from drinks to dessert. His dishes include pickled-okra-and-cherry-pepper martinis, fried stuffed okra blossoms, fried okra pods, okra carpaccio, salmon with okra relleno, okra-potato gratin, beef tenderloin with a fried okra tower, and Bing cherry-okra-rhubarb cobbler garnished with a chocolate okra leaf. The tasting begins at 2:30 p.m. at Georgia Brown’s, 950 15th St. NW. Free. (202) 393-4499. (Liz Eckstein)