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It’s more than somewhat ironic that reporter Guy Raz in “Silent Treatment” (7/30) criticizes Democracy Now host Amy Goodman as not “exactly famous for airing sober, restrained criticism.”

If I had known Raz would be writing fiction based on several activist interviews with him (mine among them), I wouldn’t have bothered. Fact after so-called fact is ignored, misrepresented, or shaped into his own personal fantasy world, where activists are old and unreasonable and truth doesn’t matter.

Nevertheless, Raz does seem to make one point perfectly clear in his effort to dis progressive journalists who cover human rights issues: The quality of journalism does count. Even in the Washington City Paper. It’s just a good thing Raz doesn’t work for Pacifica. If he did, management might use his case—of unprofessional reporting—to justify bumping exceptional reporters like Amy Goodman (WBAI) and Dennis Bernstein (KPFA) who dare to report when their own rights as journalists are violated.

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